Can you say "back pedal?" That seems to be what's happening after recent comments that artist/on-air personality DJ Whoo Kid made regarding Chris Brown, Drake and Rihanna. We're still talking about this romantic triangle? Yeah, we are, even though it's ancient history. DJ Whoo Kid dragged it into the public eye again and then tried to backtrack. Drama!

While the hip-hop and R&B scenes are often rife with public verbal spars, usually encased in the lyrics of songs, DJ Whoo Kid intimated that the beef between Chris Brown and Drake may have escalated into something physical and right smack dab in the middle of the drama? Rihanna, who dated Brown and reportedly dated Drake for a hot minute.

EW reports that DJ Whoo Kid sat down for an interview with British radio show host Tim Westwood and revealed that he witnessed a physical dust up between Brown and Drake. "Thank God there’s Drake right now," Whoo Kid said. "He has at least eight records on the radio that’s killing it. Him and Rihanna supposedly fooled around. I think he got elbowed by Chris Brown, too, but that never came out."

Whoa, wait, what? Kid didn't reveal he when and where, as in location, this took place, but he did say that Brown popped Drake in the chin. He said, "In the chin, like in the corner. Left part. Man down. Simple as that." So Drake got knocked down by Brown, who has a history of physical altercations and a notoriously bad temper? That's what it sounds like to us.

Whoo Kid immediately back pedaled and back tracked once the story picked up steam in the press, tweeting that it was all a big joke. He posted: " --- LOL me and @timwestwood were joking on radio --- #youCantbeSERIOUS HAHA @chrisbrown did not knock out DRAKE!!!"

Brown's publicist also addressed the matter, saying "The Whoo Kid story is completely fabricated and not true." Um, okay. Why would he make up such a large fib about two high-profile, A-listers in the scene like that? That's asking for trouble, no? Also, why resurrect a long dead story? This all sound a wee bit suspicious, not to mention like PR spin, to us.

Did Whoo Kid and Brown's PR team leap into immediate damage control mode? Could be. It's not like Brown needs another story widely circulating story about his penchant for pummeling. His image has taken, for lack of a better word, a beating lately.