With the upcoming holidays in mind, one thing we can always get behind is the idea of being extra thankful for the wonderful things that come into your life year-round. Two things we're always grateful for? Dogs and Flo Rida, usually placed in separate categories. But this year we found a way to be grateful for both at one time: The above video of a dog named Jaxson dancing to Flo Rida's 'Low' surfaced online and breathed new life into our spirits.

OK, so she's not dancing exactly, but her ears certainly perk up and move in time to the beat, kind of like a Furby but way less apocalyptic and creepy. It's equal parts adorable and funny because who would have ever guessed playing a Flo Rida song for a dog would produce such incredible results.

The YouTube description for the video is as follows: "Talented dog dances to hip-hop music," and it certainly delivers. Check out the super cute video above, and since we're dying to know: Do you guys have any talented pets? Some future Lassies? Maybe the next Wishbone? How about another Grumpy Cat but less exploited? Let us know!

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