Doja Cat took to Instagram live to debut her new hairstyle — or lack thereof — as well as her decision to shave her head.

"I was never supposed to have hair," she said during the livestream, explaining she has never enjoyed the upkeep or maintenance of having hair.

Doja said that wearing a wig during workouts, for example, was always distracting. The wig would become "tacky" from the "moisture" of sweating and start to slide around, becoming all she could focus on.

"I'd put a beanie on top of a wig that's on top of a wig cap that's on top of braids," she said of the workout debacle. "I don't wear my hair out. I don't even wear it natural because I don't feel like it."

She even called having hair a "f---ing nightmare" and said she's "really liking" her shaved head.

"What is the use of having hair if you're not gonna wear it out?" she said. "I'm over it."

Fans flooded the livestream comments with emojis and support, while others commented on Twitter.

"She actually suits it a lot and some people freaking out ... it's hair it can grow back," one user wrote.

Another supported but lamented the loss of Doja's "good hair," writing, "Totally get her, but she had good hair tho."

Meanwhile, many echoed the sentiment of this response: "She doesn’t need to explain she can do what she wants."

In the same livestream, in the spirit of doing what she wants, Doja shaved off her eyebrows as fans watched in real time.

Watch below:

"They don't grow back the same," one fan warned in the comments as Doja shaved off her left brow.

"She going through a phase y'all," another fan commented.

The impromptu shaving even revealed a beauty mark beneath one of her eyebrows.

Doja Cat has always been unafraid to be offbeat. Her spontaneity is as much a part of her brand as her pink wig or her hit songs are, so her new 'do doesn't seem like too much of a departure.

As @bestofdoja said on Twitter: "Every style fits Doja Cat."

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