Wow, this new drink cuts your blood alcohol level in half, and just in time to close out 2023.

It's being touted as the first, true hangover solution and beyond. And it's coming from actual scientists according to Forbes Magazine.

It's called Safety Shot and it comes in a can. It's out December 2023 so of course it's already getting incredible hype as the first of its kind that's patented to truly help with blood alcohol detox and sober you up fast.

Its widespread attention makes sense since it promises to reduce the alcohol running through your blood when you're drinking thus improving your central nervous system activity, motor skills, and cognitive abilities in less than an hour after drinking it.

I know this obviously is so much more than just a hangover cure. It could be a lifesaving tool for alcohol poisoning.

Safety Shot, Inc.
Safety Shot, Inc.

According to Safety Shot, Inc., it promises help with rehydration and recovery that will get drinkers out of an intoxicated state. There's a lot behind how it works so to get very minimalist, it creates a protective shield around the stomach wall that prevents us from absorbing residual alcohol.

You can start buying the drink the first week of December 2023 but only in the Los Angeles area to start expanding to Las Vegas and Phoenix according to Safety Shot, Inc., and should be in bars and restaurants starting in January 2024.

But come on now, this is the age of online shopping so you can bet, according to Safety Shot, Inc. that Amazon and their own website will have the drink starting in December 2023 as well.

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