Shannon Bex and Aubrey O'Day have sworn off peddling Lemonade as cashiers at Danity Kane's snack stand. Instead, they're serving up king-sized Dreamsicles from dumblonde's ice cream truck.

In a brand new video for "Dreamsicle," a track from the duo's forthcoming self-titled debut album, the ladies appear to jet off to posh London and find themselves in the middle of a colorful acid trip, where it's standard to clutch inflatable ice cream cones as if the confections are the latest designer trends. One listen, and you'll be convinced you're sorting through a collection of new arrivals at H&M.

"We won't wake up / The dream is never done," Bex and O'Day repeat hypnotically across the chorus as they cycle through a wardrobe that centers on stark white outfits, luxe fur coats and Easter-pastel leggings. And the kaleidoscope collage is an important departure for dumblonde—there will be no confusing the "Dreamsicle" creative from the showstopping-flavor of yesteryear. This is a whole new sound, and a whole new frontier.

"Our sound is completely different than anything our fans were used to with Danity Kane,” O’Day told Us Weekly in a July 17 interview. “We creatively controlled every aspect: from styling, shooting, producing, editing, writing… Literally everything." The shift is palpable, ladies: Mission accomplished.

Check out the video, tell us what you think of dumblonde's latest and if you're in Los Angeles, check out their very first show on August 11 at The Roxy.

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