Did Ed Sheeran secretly marry his girlfriend in a private ceremony? The Internet seems to think so!

Jovel Walker, a London-based musician, uploaded a photo to Instagram on Sunday (July 24) showing Sheeran posing with Jovel’s five-year-old daughter. Fans noticed a silver band on Sheeran's left ring finger -- typically a tell-tale sign of marriage for those who take the traditional route -- and wondered on Twitter and beyond whether Sheeran had recently tied the knot with his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran -- who is currently in the midst of a social media blackout and thus cannot, or at least will not, clear up this rumor himself -- recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with Seaborn, leading many to believe a proposal was not necessarily out of the question.

A proposal is never out of the question, though -- the length of a relationship bears no real weight on one's willingness to commit. Sometimes you get married within a month of meeting (sup, Khloe and Lamar!), other times you might wait 10 years to get hitched. Love knows no timetable.

In any event, one dedicated Sheerio did some super-sleuthing to allay fans' fears. Sheeran apparently wore the very same ring on a different finger while visiting Japan earlier this year.

"It's the same ring he wore on his middle finger in Japan.. I don't get all the fuss about a stupid ring," wrote @Ed_Sheeran_EU, who also provided some much-needed receipts.

Have you ever married someone in secret and then hinted about it on a friend's social media account? Let us know in the comments below!

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