Ed Sheeran is busy gearing up for the June 23 release of his sophomore album, 'X' (pronounced 'Multiply'), and lucky for us, he's giving fans a little more insight into the record with the release of the 'X' track 'Afire Love.'

Unlike the fast-paced 'Sing' or the biting 'Don't,' 'Afire Love' is more of a ballad-like track, a deep, meaningful song with heavy piano chords and even heavier lyrics -- Sheeran reportedly wrote the song about his grandfather and finished it at his funeral. And indeed, with heart-wrenching lyrics like, "Things were all good yesterday, and then the devil took your memory / And if you fell to your death today, I hope that heaven is your resting place," 'Afire Love' is definitely a tearjerker, to say the least.

Sheeran's grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's, passed away in December 2013, the Daily Mail reports. His redheaded grandson honored him at the 2014 Grammy Awards by donning his tie at the awards show. And now Sheeran has given his beloved grandfather the ultimate tribute, penning a moving, heartfelt track about him, which will appear on the highly-anticipated 'X.'

Listen to 'Afire Love' above.

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