Elise Testone was finally eliminated from Season 11 of 'American Idol' tonight (April 26). We say "finally" not because we did not enjoy her smoky, husky voice or her offbeat, edgy and rock 'n' roll song choices throughout the course of the season, but because the singer has been camped out in the bottom of the voting multiple times. The odds seemed to indicate that she would eventually be voted off since she set up residence in the lower tier more often than not.

Testone has a unique voice, but it was not enough to propel her the Top 5. This is a pop show and she is a rock singer, so the exposure she got as an 'Idol' contestant should garner her attention from that community, since she no doubt deserves it.

We think Testone was often relegated to Bottomville because the show's expansive viewership just didn't "get" her or what she was doing.

For her final performance, Testone offered up a barnburning rendition of 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin and it reminded us why Elise Testone got as far as she did in the first place.

Good luck and godspeed, Elise!