'American Idol' saved the best for last tonight as Elise Testone closed out the Top 12 girls with an impassioned and soulful performance of Adele's 'One and Only.'  She was the second girl of the night to sing the song after Jen Hirsh performed it admirably. But Elise, the oldest contestant this season at 28, was able to infuse more life experience into Adele's dramatic lyrics.

Elise currently resides in Charleston, S.C. but said she is happiest at home with her parents in New Jersey.  Elise only got into her life story a little, but it was obvious she meant it when she said she need the exposure 'American Idol' would bring.

Starting her performance at the piano, Elise's beautiful and gravelly tone shone through the yearning nature of the song. She was pitch-perfect throughout, even giving Jennifer Lopez goosebumps when she got up from the piano halfway through. Elise's voice cracked a few times, only adding to the immediacy she brought to the song. She capped off her performance with an a capella note, and became emotional when the judges gave her a standing ovation.

Randy Jackson said it best, calling Elise a "force to be reckoned with," and singing the praises of her, "bluesy, smokey, soulful flavor."  There is no doubt that Elise will be one to watch this year, possibly all the way to the Top 2.

Watch Elise Testone Perform 'One and Only' on 'American Idol'