English cutie Ellie Goulding will re-release 2012's 'Halcyon' later this year with a smattering of new tracks. The first official single from the album is 'Burn,' which Goulding co-wrote with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. It's uplifting and uptempo, a synth-heavy track that plants a toe in the EDM world. While 'Burn' is undeniably catchy, it's not the singer's most memorable track to date.

Goulding's voice is certainly one of the most unique and beguiling in pop music, and it's one that sticks with you, without ever resorting to being diva-like. Her vocals are angelic and ethereal, and here, she is surrounded by church bells and lots of computerized layers. She literally sounds like an angel.

The chorus is hooky, as Goulding declares, "We're gonna let it burn, burn, burn," with a swath of effects placed over her voice. Her vocal style is an acquired taste, but if you love how she uses and manipulates it, then you will certainly feel the heat on this track.

While we don't doubt that this song will be blaring in fitting rooms at mall apparel retailers, as opposed to club dancefloors, it leaves a little to be desired. That's due to the fact that the concept of "burning" and "fire" is heavily trafficked territory in pop music so we wish she'd have attempted to traverse a different lyrical route.

Overall, 'Burn' is a good Ellie Goulding song that's not a watershed moment for her. It doesn't sound like the pivotal track which will elevate her career even further in the mainstream radio world, but her fans will no doubt love it.


Listen to Ellie Goulding 'Burn'