Ellie Goulding is the cover girl for the October issue of Paper, looking button cute with her pink hair.

She also has the half-shaved Skrillex style, which isn't shocking, since he is her BF! She looks futuristically fierce, too, thanks to her metal-flecked top. Turns out, her clothing and style contradictions carry over into her music, since she is not an easily definable artist.

In her feature, Goulding talks about her music and her boyfriend, two things her fans care about.

About her lack of allegiance to a musical genre?  She said, "People try to put me into different categories, but maybe I'm not in one. I feel like I'm in so many different worlds in music. I have this amazing respect in the electronic world, there's the more folk-y stuff from the early days that I just do with guitar and there's also this world of pop lovers who picked up on me from the Katy Perry tour. That doesn't happen for a lot of artists."

About her boyfriend Skrillex? Well, this girl's in lurve! "Without wanting to sound too sappy, he's genuinely the hardest working, most talented person I know," she said, calling him "Sonny," which is his real name. Goulding flies all over the world to see her man do his thing, joking, "Feminists hate me for sure. I'm almost always like 'I'll do anything for you!'" Whatevs! Love is love -- so what if you make sacrifices? That's what people who love one another do.

We think Ellie and "Sonny" are too cute.

Goulding's 'Halycon' is out this month.


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