PopCrush PSA: Ellie Goulding just covered Hozier's "Take Me to Church" and it is MAGIC.

Before we heard the beauty of the British pop star belting out the sultry hit, we were initially a little skeptical. We are so obsessed with Hozier's original, we didn't think anything could ever top it and didn't even want to hear anyone try. (Yes, we were a little close-minded, but that's only because we love the song that freaking much.) Of course, that all changed once Ellie transformed the track with her trademark synth-pop sound and bestowed her unbelievable cover upon us.

First of all, Ellie has such an awesomely distinct lilt to her voice that she could basically turn anything into gold. But her vocals on "Take Me to Church" in particular are just spot-on — they are so sugary sweet but offer the perfect compliment to the sultriness of the tune. Plus, a stripped down cover like this offers a chance for her voice to really shine, like on the "amens," which pretty much have us worshiping at the altar of Ellie Goulding immediately. Like, we almost wish the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack wasn't out yet so they could go back and add this one to it — it's seriously THAT good.

So, trust us: Do yourself a favor and listen to Ellie Goulding cover "Take Me to Church" above! And let it take you to church. Because you better believe it will.

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