Emily Blunt wants to step away from the limelight for a bit.

The actress, who stars in Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, plans to take a break from Hollywood for at least one year to focus on parenthood.

"This year, I’m not working. I worked quite a bit last year and my oldest baby is 9, so we’re in the last year of single digits," the 40-year-old said on the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast.

"And I just feel [like] there are cornerstones to their day that are so important when they’re little. And it’s, 'Will you wake me up? Will you take me to school? Will you pick me up? Will you put me to bed?' And I just need to be there for all of them for a good stretch. And I just felt that in my bones," Blunt continued.

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The Devil Wears Prada star explained that being away from her kids for long periods of time to film movies brings "guilt" and comes at a great "emotional cost."

"I think maybe all mothers are [guilty feeling]. You’re just prone to feeling bad for, God forbid, wanting something outside of being a mother," she detailed.

Blunt added she is a "huge advocate for women being ambitious," and that she encourages women to have "dreams" and go for them.

The A Quiet Place star married actor John Krasinski in 2010. The couple share two daughters: Hazel, 9, and Violet, 6.

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