Could Eminem appear on Christina Aguilera's fifth studio album? A new report suggests that the rapper and the diva could be teaming up.

A source reportedly said, "Christina knows after her last album bombed that she would have to do something special for fans to be interested in her music again. It's a killer track and is bound to be a massive worldwide hit if released as a single, which is exactly what Christina is hoping for. She can’t wait to release the record and prove all her critics wrong."

The mentor from 'The Voice' sold fewer than 300,000 copies of her 2010 album 'Bionic' and is hoping to rebound with her next release.

Until the report is confirmed, forgive us if we remain a little skeptical. Besides the fact that the original report is vague about where the information came from, Eminem has given Aguilera verbal smackdowns over the years, particularly in his song 'The Real Slim Shady,' although some reports have suggested the two have since patched things up.

If Eminem really does perform with Christina, he could disappoint some of his fans by teaming up with a former archenemy. What's next, Em -- a collaboration with Will Smith?

Watch the Eminem 'The Real Slim Shady' Video

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