OK, first things first: All of these pictures are circa 2002-2003, when both Eminem and Justin Timberlake were at the top of their game and their shirtless bodies were plastered everywhere. But it's worth noting that their bodies look almost exactly the same (see some of Em's 'Recovery' promos and JT in 'Friends With Benefits') as they did nearly a decade ago.

Alas, these newer images didn't provide enough insight into what kind of shape these men are in, hence the reason you're drooling over old-school Em and 'Cry Me a River' Justin. So, after checking out both of these hunks, which one gets your vote for the hottest shirtless bod?

Let's compare and contrast. Both Eminem and Justin Timberlake were obviously hitting the gym hard prior to these snapshots, as the men look like Greek gods with their chiseled abs and killer biceps. On the other, the 'Without Me' rapper (hey, we're in the early '00s now, remember?!) has a much stockier figure than the former 'N Sync crooner, who has a more slender build.

There's really no question that Eminem and JT are both quite bang-able, but whose bod gets you the most hot and bothered? Get your fans out and take a good hard look, then vote for your favorite shirtless hottie below!

Scott Gries, Getty Images / Tumblr