Scream Queens Season 2 casting news continues to be as on-point as Season 1's was: Former Teen Wolf and Arrow actor Colton Haynes has announced he's joined the team.

"Very excited to share the news :)," Haynes wrote in his Instagram bulletin (he loves an Instagram bulletin). "Cant wait to start work on Scream Queens Season 2!!! :)" 

Emma Roberts visited Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show on July 12 to promote her new thriller Nerve with Dave Franco, and she also hinted at her wishes for the second season of our favorite horror-comedy TV series, Scream Queens

After briefly discussing a possible return to American Horror Story Season 6 — "I've been telling Ryan Murphy that I have to, because I really want to work with Lady Gaga!" — the woman who brings savage sorority-sister-turned-sanitarium-resident Chanel Oberlin to life said she and her female co-stars had requested "more boys" for the FOX series' next installment.

"Literally all of us are like, 'who's coming back, who do we get to make out with?'" Roberts joked. "I was really mad that I didn’t get to kiss Nick Jonas last year, and they wouldn’t let me!"

Fortunately, this year brings at least two new possibilities for the Scream Queens returning cast, which also includes Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis (spoiler alert: Nick Jonas was among the body count in Season 1).

"This year we have Taylor Lautner and John Stamos, and I feel bad for them because it’s like two of them and six girls — and all of us are wanting a love interest.”

And speaking of Lautner, the Twilight series actor shared his own excitement for Scream Queens Season 2 on Tuesday, sharing a promo poster on Instagram.

Taylor will play Cassidy Cascade, who "suffers from a strange medical condition and becomes a suspect when a series of tragic events plagues the institution," according to JustJared. Meanwhile, John Stamos' Scream Queens character is Dr. Brock Holt, and we can't wait to see him interact with Curtis's Dean Munsch. 

Scream Queens Season 2 premieres September 20 on FOX — see the new poster, and listen to Emma Roberts' interview in full, below.

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