Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, two hit-making titans of pop music in the past year, collide in the whistle-heavy 'I Like How It Feels.' Even though summer has just about faded into the review, Enrique and Pit are doing their hardest to resurrect it with this stadium and arena-ready anthem.

While sexed up, amorous songs are synonymously associated with Iglesias, 'I Like How It Feels' is not one of those romantic jams.

Enrique repeats "It's my time / I can do what I like / For the price / Of a smile / I got a ticket to ride." He then coos, "You know I like how it feels" over and over. It's a simple set of lyrical declarations that celebrate being upbeat and enjoying life. We've heard of whistling while you work, but Enrique and Pit are taking it to the next level with this larger-than-life number.

There's a fair amount of studio treatment on the song, but that's a given with any epic, expansive pop song in 2011. But Enrique and Pit should have the crowd jumping out of their seats and dancing when they play this song (provided they do so) on their upcoming tour. We wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a staple at NFL stadiums this fall and winter, too.

The song will appear on the special edition of Iglesias' album 'Euphoria,' which is due out this November. Yeah, we like how it feels and how it sounds! Just turn it up and let me go!

Listen to Enrique Iglesias, 'I Like How It Feels' Feat. Pitbull