Someone was biting off Psy's 'Gangnam Style' at Cannes. A Psy impostor made the rounds at the film festival, posing with fans and celebrities. Apparently, they were easily fooled, thinking that the K-Pop superstar was in the house.

Uh, he wasn't. He was in another part of the world and moved quickly to clarify his location. Thank God for Twitter, which helped him get the word out about Faux Psy.

The currently unidentified fake Psy left behind enough photographic evidence, so he's not being covert or subtle about it. The real Psy saw these photos and quickly tweeted to reveal that he is not in Cannes, but in Singapore, so anyone posing with someone who looks like him is being snookered.

So any Cannes-related Psy photo opps are worthless. Anyone who was fooled should remove the offending pics from their feeds in order to stave off embarrassment.

Below is Psy's tweet and a photo that he shared of the fake Psy.

Psy tweeted: "Here the picture of #fakePSYinCannes spotted by @scooterbraun!! lol #realPSYinSingapore."

We have to admit. The doppelganger does resemble the real thing, although he's not nearly as stylish. Or Psy-lish!