This is going to be a tough one for K-Pop lovers, since Psy and BIGBANG are two of the biggest male artists within the genre. We are pitting the 'Gangnam Style' singer's latest video for 'Gentleman' against BIGBANG's 2012 massive hit 'Fantastic Baby' in a poll for best music video! So, which K-Pop act has your vote?

Although Psy is a solo artist, the Scooter Braun-managed, internationally-recognized hit maker has enough star power to stack up against the likes of BIGBANG. The quintet of super suave and seriously good-looking Korean fellows is comprised of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Daesung and Seungri, but is power in numbers going to work in their favor for this music video poll?

In 'Gentleman,' Psy takes a similar approach as he did with 'Gangnam Style,' in that the colorful clip is filled with cheesy dance moves, recurring characters, and finds him acting a fool around a city. You really think at first, "Hey, that Psy is a nice guy! He's really going  teach these men how to treat a lady." But no, everything about the presumption is totally wrong. Instead, Psy gets his jerk on and takes a more ironic approach for 'Gentleman,' sending a possible love match flying off of a treadmill, splashing hot coffee into another's face, and stink-palming the heck out of some lady who is just trying to study.

Conversely, in BIGBANG's video, the laughs are more scarce as G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Seungri and Daesung try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where music has been banned. The costumes are incredible in the clip, as each of the guys takes on their own sort of persona.

During the intro, we see G-Dragon seated atop a throne, wearing a mischievous grin along with his black and white striped suit and a red, Rapunzel-status wig. As the clip trucks on, we see fires, explosions and rioting as a frosty and shirtless Taeyang, a blue-haired, militant-looking T.O.P., an imprisoned Daesung, and dark, lady killin' Seungri all have their turns onscreen. The whole clip is quite the spectacle, and will undoubtedly have you pressing repeat for another watch.

So, when comparing them to one anther, which music video would you prefer to watch? Psy's 'Gentleman,' or BIGBANG's 'Fantastic Baby'? Vote below!

Watch the Psy 'Gentleman' Video

Watch the BIGBANG 'Fantastic Baby' Video