PopCrush's K-pop March Madness 2018 is a three-week competition to determine the Ultimate K-pop Supergroup, where fans can vote for The Leader, The Rapper, The Cute One, The Edgy One, The Dancer and The Pretty Boy/Girl.

K-pop stars are a beautiful breed, but every girl group and boy band has that one flawlessly stylish and attractive standout who doubles as a model, from BTS' dreamy V to Red Velvet's fashionable Irene. But which K-pop singer would stand out as the attention-grabbing pretty boy or pretty girl in the ultimate supergroup?

Vote for which idol should be The Pretty Boy/Pretty Girl in the Ultimate K-pop Supergroup, below, by selecting from V, Irene, EXO's Sehun, SHINee's Minho or TWICE's Tzuyu in Round 2.

Voting for Round 2 ends Monday, March 26 at noon (EST).

Don't forget to...

The top three from Round 2 will move onto the third and final round. The final round of voting kicks off Tuesday, March 27th. The winning ultimate supergroup lineup will be announced Monday, April 2.

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