Until recently, Adam Lambert has played with hair color, but only to a certain degree. We've tallied up some of the 'Trespassing' hit maker's most memorable dye jobs from over the years, and we want to know which color you Glamberts like best on your beloved. 

The usually dark-haired singer debuted lavender-gray hair in late summer, and before that he had experimented with a variation of the color by adding some streaks in his jet-black hair. While most people could not pull of such a drastic color like purplish-gray, Lambert totally rocks it. We also love the streaks of blondish gray he had before then, but it's cool to see the belter totally switching up his dark 'do for a change.

Before he transitioned into his lavender-gray territory, Lambert went more au natural with a pretty brown shade.  He still kept his signature rock flair by spiking up his hair, but the brown really suited Lambert and gave his skin a natural glow, as well. Maybe Lambert got sick of the blue-green streaks he had before his brown hair, and wanted to opt for something more organic? Nah! Those turquiose streaks are awesome. And finally, we've got classic Adam Lambert with jet-black hair.

Take a look at some of Adam Lambert's hair colors over the years and vote for your favorite below!

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