Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites today, and through the power of tweeting, many pop stars are able to connect directly with their fans. There are a few standout artists whose Twitter feeds are especially entertaining, due to their active use of the site in order to share news about new music, their personal lives, and funny pictures. So, PopCrush readers, out of the 10 artists we've provided below, who is your favorite to follow on Twitter?

Bruno Mars is a great pop star to follow on Twitter, due to his penchant for posting hilarious photos and updating fans on him and his hooligans' whereabouts. Demi Lovato shares personal stories and keeps fans thinking positively through her tweets, while Beliebers go absolutely bonkers every time Justin Bieber updates his feed about his swag and studio projects. Lady Gaga is the reigning Twitter queen, with more than 20 million fans following her every move, but Rihanna is not that far behind with nearly 15 million followers.

A few other artists who have Twitter accounts that are constantly buzzing with action are Taylor Swift, who loves to post pics of her cat Meredith, Katy Perry, who uses her crass sense of humor to entertain her Kitty Cats, and Miley Cyrus, who updates fans on everything from her new tattoos to causes that she supports. Also, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 always has something interesting or funny to say via Twitter, and Chris Brown, as many of you know, is often using his Twitter feed to stir up controversy (or to try and squash it!).

In your opinion, out of these 10 artists, who is the best to follow on Twitter? Vote below!