Well damn, Normani.

When we talk about Fifth Harmony (which is approximately always, more or less), we're usually shaking and crying over the group's show-stopping live harmonies or hair flip-heavy choreography. But sometimes, we forget the individual talents of each member that make the troupe triumph as a whole.

Consider this your formal reminder.

In the midst of the group's endless promo for their current Top 20 (and perhaps soon to be Top 10?) hit "Worth It," Normani Kordei's stepped away from the 5H spotlight for a moment to pursue a passion project in the form of two dance videos, which just premiered over at Complex.

We've all no doubt noticed Mani's stage-conquering moves on The Reflection Tour, but she's gone ahead and taken it a step (kick, twirl and strut) further in an ambitious solo dance video project, helmed by choreographer Sean Bankhead.

And, with no hyperbole, she demolished these routines.

Set to the sound of Future's "F--k Up Some Commas" and Teyana Taylor's "Do Not Disturb," the two clips feature the fiercely styled dancing diva serving noticeably mature attitude while churning out her killer routine, supplying tons of confidence the whole way through — despite getting next to no sleep. "I literally flew from work in LA to Atlanta one day and rehearsed both pieces the next day and we shot both videos the day after. I remember practicing every moment I got. I stayed up until 5 AM with the call time being 9 AM. I was dancing in the shower, hotel elevator, car and another place my feet touched. On top of all that I had to fly to London the day after the shoot. I spent my time off working. It's just a little bit of my world I've missed," she explains of her solo project.

Freaking out about what this means for the future of 5H? Don't worry: She's just having some fun dancing on her own. "I am focused on Fifth Harmony becoming a huge success story," she says regarding the idea of paving a solo career. "We play such an important role in the lives of young women by encouraging them to love, respect themselves and never settle. Hopefully the future is bright but I will certainly work hard and prepare myself for whatever God has in store personally."

In the meantime, it's undeniably refreshing to see Normani doing her own thing on the side — not only because she's an even better dancer than we even knew, but because it emphasizes just how talented 5H are as individual members.

At the moment, all of the other girls appear to be too dead to function with the exception of Lauren, who, like the rest of us, is freaking TF out — and likely cannot even.

Check out Normani's "Commas" routine up top, as well as her sexy "Do Not Disturb" visual down below.

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