Harmonizers went into a bit of a dramatic tailspin the other day when a quote from Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello began circulating online about the future of the group.

Since then, the girls have made it obvious that whatever hypothetical end Camila may have been referring to isn’t immediate by any means. In an interview with Billboard, Lauren Jauregui said, “Don’t worry! 5H2 is coming! You’ll have music to soothe your soul soon, everything will be fine, we love you to death and we’re not going anywhere. I promise.”

So rest assured, you guys — 5H is currently in it for the long haul, despite however you may want to interpret Camila’s (refreshingly honest) comments about the eventual end of Fifth Harmony.

In case you missed it, here's a quick summary: When asked by Latina magazine if she thinks Fifth Harmony may someday suffer the same fate as One Direction (an eventual breakup or, ahem, hiatus), Camila responded, “Honestly, I think we all do. We’d be lying if we all said this is a picture-perfect thing, like we all completely agreed on the album track list and what the sound and the music video treatment would be like, which usually happens in bands who grew up together. But for manufactured bands, it’s harder.”

To be fair, Camila never said things would end tomorrow, and considering how well the recording sessions seem to be going for album No. 2, there isn't a clear end in sight anyway. Fifth Harmony are working with Max Martin’s camp and Mitch Allan and Jason Evian in Los Angeles, and Lauren says it’s the perfect work environment.

She said, "It’s a really good vibe for recording — [Max] is in a great spirit the whole time. We’ve been wanting to work with Max for a while, and his camp as well. They’ve produced some of the best records of all time, year after year, consistently. They’re so talented and creative, and there’s real camaraderie and positivity.”

Lauren continued, explaining the feel the girls are going for on their next album: "For starters, we definitely want to mature in terms of our lyrics and content. Although [on the first album] we touched upon a bunch of subjects that we definitely agreed with and our very relevant to us, like girl power and self-love, hopefully this time around we can have some more vulnerability, some more ballads and mid-tempo type [songs], to balance out this album. We want you to sit through it and feel a roller coaster of emotions.”

She also said they want the album to be “a bit more soulful,” along the lines of Destiny’s Child: “We’re also trying to make it a bit more soulful. The whole R&B, urban, Destiny’s Child vibe? We’re definitely going to try and hone in on that this time around. We’ve recorded some dope songs already, some really sick tracks with crazy horns all over the place.”

Head over to Billboard to check out the full interview.

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