Do you think you know someone who'd be a good match for one of the ladies of Fifth Harmony? Well, here's what whoever ends up dating them should expect -- straight from the band themselves! When 5H stopped by the PopCrush studio, we asked them to have some fun and create imaginary online dating profiles for each other.

You can catch all of the interesting (and hilarious!) details in the video above, but here are some highlights of what they had to say about each other.

Normani's dating profile: "Normani likes chicken wings," Dinah said. "She likes it hot. [The wings] or you."

Ally's dating profile: "This little woman ... she loves to eat her some everything," Normani joked. "This morning she had, like, 20 pounds of bacon."

Camila's dating profile: "Camila Cabello," Ally began, "17. Beautiful. Loves bows. Loves to read."

Lauren's dating profile: "Bob Marley records are the way to my heart," Camila said (copping a very impressive British accent). "If you're interesting enough, I'll write about you in my journal."

Dinah's dating profile: "Dinah Jane -- 17 years old, although she looks like she's 30," Lauren said. "But that's a plus, because you got that body, girl."

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