A Blink-182 fan curious how well the band's lyrics might work as pickup lines filmed himself approaching strange women in public places and tossing out lines from random Blink songs. As you might guess, most of the ladies were not impressed.

The guy named Tommy explains, "For Blink-182's video contest to advertise for their European tour, I decided to try using Blink-182 lyrics on random girls in public and see how they work. Awkwardness ensues."

Some of his efforts are endearing, like when he sits down at a picnic table with a young lady and says, "This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me." She appreciates the compliment but says nicely that she's already engaged. His attempt at a Target store is a little more creepy. He stands outside the store and says to two exiting customers, "Show me the way to the bed!"

The kid's only partial success comes when he tries 'All the Small Things.' The girl is confused by his wooing efforts, but she does recognize the song.

You have to give Tommy credit for having the courage to try. He eventually explains the whole thing to the girls and even gets them to sign waivers containing their name, address, and phone numbers. And that might be the most impressive part of all.

Watch a Blink-182 Fan Use Lyrics as Pickup Lines