Hey 'Hunger Games' fans! We've got yet another clip from the upcoming 'Mockingjay: Part I' movie, and it's getting us totally pumped for the Nov. 21 release date!

The teaser trailer shows us a brief scene in which we're first introduced to 'Team Mockingjay.' It shows Katniss in full body armor getting ready to film the propaganda to coincide with the airstrike the rebels are unleashing on the Capitol. She meets her film crew and bodyguards for the first time here. The clip does a great job at capturing the pressure that's been put on Katniss, who has reluctantly become the embodiment of the anti-Capitol symbol of the mockingjay. When Katniss is told by one of her team members that: "We all fled on our own. For this. For you," the full effect of Katniss' importance as both an actual rebel and a symbol is like a punch to the gut. Ouch.

How excited are you guys!? Check out the clip above and let us know!

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