We got a good feeling that it's going to be one hot summer. Flo Rida recently announced that he will release his fourth album 'Wild Ones' on July 3. The Miami rapper tells Billboard that with so many hits on the new collection, he had no choice but to call it 'Wild Ones.'

"With this album, there's gonna be a lot of No. 1s," he attests. "I made it my business to be inspired by just traveling around the world, and just coming up with some music that the world can enjoy -- to take this from local to national to international."

One thing's for sure, Flo is one confident fella. Along with 'Wild Ones' (featuring Sia), the rapper believes that his current single, the suggestive track 'Whistle,' will "probably be the biggest record I've done yet."

Flo Rida, who performed on the season finale of 'The Voice' Tuesday night, also predicts that he will take every song on the album 'Wild Ones' to the No. 1 spot. "I'm just taking things to new heights, and we're here for the marathon," he says. "Maybe the next album will be called 'Marathon.'"

Okay Flo Rida, don't get carried away with these album titles.