Flo Rida, who gave us the enduring phrase "apple bottom jeans / boots with the fur" and introduced Kesha to the world on "Right Round," returns today (December 4) with the Top 40 contender "Dirty Mind."

The song features vocals from Sam Martin, a singer-songwriter who appeared on David Guetta's "Dangerous" in 2014 and also happened to write Jason Derulo's "Want to Want Me." If you love Flo's trademark rollicking, er, flow, you'll likely enjoy "Dirty Mind," even if it doesn't bring anything super new to the table sonically. It also features some borderline creepy cover art that resembles a sneaky upskirt shot, but the image moves in the video below so you can rest assured it isn't.

Flo tweeted that the track is "all about having your brain in the gutter" and the site Bro Bible premiered it, which is fitting. Listen to "Dirty Mind" above, and let us know if you think this'll be Flo Rida's first No. 1 Hot 100 hit since 2012's "Whistle."