Rapper Flo Rida is helping out his high school alma mater by donating brand new uniforms to its football team. While the Miami native's gesture is extremely thoughtful, it's the newly-designed outfits that are raising eyebrows.

In honor of Carol City High's 50th anniversary, which will coincide with the 2013 football season, Flo Rida hired design firm Futuristic Woo to create new uniforms for the Chiefs. The end result are some rather unique garments and helmets.

The Palm Beach Post posted pictures of the uniforms and it's a doozy. We can't help but notice the Native American chieftain's head is placed directly over the player's crotch. WTF? Also, the letters and numbers look like they were designed to resemble marshmallows. The only thing that looks impressive is the detailed feathers that are surrounding the helmet. And the orange and black colorway is a great bold look... for Halloween.

We hate to be Monday morning quarterbacks and nitpick at these uniforms since we are not paying for them, but they are questionable. And since the Chiefs football team are currently playing in subdued uniforms, these garments will definitely catch everyone's attention when they make their debut next year.

Reactions to the uniforms have been mixed so far. "Good for Flo Rida. The kids will love them. Way to give back," wrote one commenter. "If people have something to say bad about that, please go hide under a rock." Another person felt the designs were offensive to Native Americans. Serendipity wrote, "These uniforms are UNBELIEVABLY DISRESPECTFUL TO NATIVE PEOPLE! Please get the already offensive cartoon 'Chief' head off of the players’ crotches. Also, feathers are sacred to Native people, Please set an example for our children and SCRAP THIS RACIST DESIGN NOW!"

In the end, we have to give props to Flo Rida for donating money to his old high school so these young athletes will have new uniforms next season -- no matter how odd they look.

What do you think about these football uniforms? Tell us in the comments below.

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