Florence and the Machine can always be counted on to bring us moody, mysterious songs that we end up listening to all day everyday — there's just something about the combination of slow pacing and Florence Welch's rich voice that is just so easy to listen to. (They make perfect workday soundtracks, FYI.)

Now the group has released another music video for "St. Jude" and neither the song nor the visuals disappoint. Both are ethereal as anything else we've heard or seen from Florence and the Machine, featuring introspective lyrics and visuals of Florence walking around outside in the darkness.

The song's title and refrain reference St Jude, "the patron saint of lost causes," throughout.

According to Pitchfork, Vincent Haycock directed the video. "It’s obviously about relationships, but it’s also about Florence traveling through our version of the Divine Comedy," Haycock said in a press release (quote via Pitchfork).

"St Jude" is a single off the album "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful," which is expected to release June 2 and is available for preorder now. The album also contains the group's single "What Kind of Man."

According to Clash Music, Haycock highlighted the differences between the two tracks, saying "[What Kind Of Man] is meant to set the tone, establish some of the themes, choreography and visual style for what’s to come." He also called the "St Jude" video "the first layer of hell."

"We actually shot more narrative but it didn’t feel right to reveal everything upfront or button it up too much. This is the first of many videos that will explore the world we created, so I didn’t want it to end in the first video," Haycock said in a press release (via Clash Music).

You can watch for yourself in the video above!

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