Florence + the Machine stopped by Good Morning America earlier today (June 5) to promote her latest album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. In doing so, she also cemented her place in the current pop landscape as an artist whose ability to deliver an electrifying performance is on par with her song-writing capabilities. Yes, she killed it.

Good Morning America is taped during the early hours of the morning. For those of you who don't live in New York City where said taping takes place, allow us to inform you that the weather today is horrendous -- the sky is cast in a heavy mist with the temperature hovering somewhere in the mid-50s to early-60s. It's cold for June, and it was even colder this morning when Florence took the stage. These conditions would make it difficult for any artist to deliver an energetic performance, but watching Florence, you'd have no idea how dismal and dreary things are out in the world today.

Not only does she hit every note with accuracy and finesse, but her delivery is passionate and all-encompassing -- she's particularly interactive with the crowd when she jumps off stage during "What Kind of Man," howling and careening about with an intensity that's far removed from the reserved, shy interviewee at the start of the video.

You can check out her performance of "Ship to Wreck" in the video above, and "What Kind of Man" and "Dog Days Are Over" in the videos below.

"What Kind of Man"

"Dog Days Are Over"