Update: We revised the original story to include a direct tweet from Frankie that was previously overlooked. Some fans have also pointed out that the story may not involve Zach Rance from 'Big Brother.' Unless Frankie gives more information, at this point the details remain unclear.

Frankie Grande's fans love his positivity and energy, so it's especially sad when the 'Rock of Ages' star opens up about being hurt.

In a series of messages posted to his Twitter, Frankie explained how he just learned a very important lesson: People do very hurtful things, but the best way to handle the situation is to forgive and forget.

Although it's not clear what incident Frankie is referencing, he does say, "it's just become really difficult for me to figure out which boys are out for me as a person or me as a celebrity & tonight I was let down." He also mentions his recent stint on season 16 of 'Big Brother' and most likely references his fellow cast-member, Zach Rance. (Fans of the show shipped the two under the name "Zankie.")

It looks like Frankie is doing his best to see the bright side of things. He thanks his Grandtourage fanbase, while also imparting a positive message: "So ill leave you with this. when idiots throw shade. shine brighter. because you are so much better then they will ever be. i love you all."

they trended his name within hours as they sent support his way. You can check out Frankie's tweets below.