Justin Bieber's new platinum hair was the dye job seen around the world. And it did not go unnoticed by Frankie Grande, who promptly freaked out and instantly compared Justin's bleached blonde locks to his own. Whose bold blonde hair do you like better?

Just a few weeks ago, Justin Bieber Instagrammed a childhood pic of himself with platinum hair, captioning it: "I thought I was Eminem [and dyed] my hair blonde every summer." It may have been the inspiration behind the Biebs' decision to once again bring back #BlondeBieber, who has sent Beliebers everywhere into a frenzy. While the bright color is a bold choice for the singer, we're totally digging it! It makes him look part California skater dude, part superstar hottie with killer golden locks. It brightens up his face and gives him just a slight punk-rock edge. Work it, Biebs.

Frankie Grande (Ariana's brother) has been rocking the platinum blonde for years now, even switching it up a little with hot pink tips, giving it a fiery look. He recently ditched the tips to once again go full-on bleached blonde -- just in time for Bieber to follow suit. While it can be hard to pull off golden-hued hair and dark eyebrows, Frankie totally owns the contrast with his signature bold confidence. Love it!

Whose bright blonde locks do you like better? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Frankie Grande in the poll below!