Congrats to Future and Ciara. The couple is now engaged, taking their relationship up a notch on the commitment scale.

The rapper and producer popped the question to the 'Body Party' singer this weekend, as they were celebrating her 28th birthday.

Ciara's actual birthday was Friday, Oct. 25. Future certainly gave her quite a present when he asked for her hand in marriage by surprising the singer with a 15-karat diamond ring, according to reports. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving.

The duo has been dating for a year; a wedding date has not been set.

But we will take a moment to extend a big, huge "congrats" to the "Future" husband and wife.

Future is currently on the road with Drake.

Ciara documented some of her birthday celebrations and travels on Instagram. You can see the photos there, but she didn’t share an image of that rock yet! We're patiently waiting to see the bling that her fiance picked out for her. We're sure it's amazeballs. At 15 karats, it has to be.

Also, can we just point out that both Ciara and Kim Kardashian got engaged on their birthdays, and with 15-carat rings!?