The celebrity dating-go-round spins fast, with pop stars changing partners as often as they do their hair colors or styles! It's hard to keep up with current dating situations, much less remember past ones. Since they can be so fickle and swap partners with such frequency, oftentimes, we almost forget some of the people who litter Katy Perry's or Kanye West's dating resumes.

Here, we take a fond look back at some gone and almost forgotten couples! They didn't go the distance, but it sure was fun to watch them together when they were hooking up.

  • Katy Perry and Travie McCoy

    Perry dated the Gym Class Hero before she married comedian Russell Brand, and it's rumored that her 'Teenage Dream' song 'Circle the Drain' is about him and his onetime drug problem. They were a cute Warped Tour couple – the pop princess and the tattooed skater boy, before she became one of the biggest stars in music. Things didn't end very well after two years of couplehood. Drugs and media scrutiny tore them apart in 2009, when she broke up with him via email. We didn't think Perry was that ruthless.

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  • Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene

    Here at PopCrush, we always joke that Joe Jonas dates hot models like it's his job, but it's the truth. He did, however, make a pitstop off the model dating highway with a hot actress in the form of Alice from 'Twilight,' aka Ashley Greene. They were a really sweet couple. Despite their A-list status in music and movies, they weren't surrounded by too much drama. The relationship lasted about a year before they split in 2011 and he returned to serially dating models.

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  • Kanye West and Amber Rose

    Before he impregnated a Kardashian and before she fell cray in love with Wiz Khalifa and was impregnated by him, Kanye West and Amber Rose dated. 'Memba that? He spoke fondly of her after their 2010 split. However, she later claimed that it was drama that forced their breakup, and that his future baby mama Kim Kardashian was the reason behind the split due to ch-ch-ch-cheating. Still with us? 'Ye's relationship with Rose went south, but he ended up with North. Thanks, we'll be here all week.

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  • John Mayer and Jessica Simpson

    Given John Mayer's high profile, mega watt relationships with Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston, we sorta forgot that he squired Jessica Simpson in 2006, after she split with Nick Lachey. Mayer and Simpson were equally high profile and we can't forget that he called her sexual napalm years later in a true TMI moment. But given both of their dating resumes, which are littered with tons of famous people, we sometimes overlook their time together. They had to be really into each other, though. They had matching hair, for God's sake! That's a telltale sign of love ... we think.

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  • Madonna and Vanilla Ice

    Madonna and Vanilla Ice? Say what? No, seriously. This twosome dated at the height of his 'Ice Ice Baby' fame in the early 1990s and he even appeared in her controversial and now hard-to-find 'Sex' picture book. Despite her prowess in bed, Ice eventually broke up with the Material Girl in 1992 because of that book, which featured the singer in salacious shots with other people. The eight month relationship was hot when it started, but the relationship soon went ice (ice baby) cold.

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  • Bruno Mars and Rita Ora

    Who knew! While Rita Ora is sorta famous for being non-committal (just ask Rob Kardashian) with her BFs, she did date Mars before either of them were famous. They met in 2009, when she was 18. He was an unknown songwriter hired to pen some tracks for Ora, newly signed to Roc Nation. Romance blossomed. She thought he was "the world's greatest guy." Ora recalled, "Our time together was wonderful. But once we got famous, work got in the way. We ended it last year. But we remained close. And when we were together we were so happy." This sort of amicable celeb split is rare. We'd love to see them rekindle the flame, at least for a duet!

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  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck -- aka Bennifer -- were a trainwreck that no one could look away from. While they were a couple, they were subject to intense media scrutiny. Now, it's ancient history. She nearly 86ed his career and her own with 'Gigli.' He appeared in the 'Jenny From the Block' video (big mistake, Batman!) and she referred to him as her "king" in 'Dear Ben.' They felt more like a caricature than a relationship at the time and now, we're like 'Oh, right, they almost got married.' They were loved up for a few years, but by early 2004, it was O to the V to the E to the R. Both rebounded and started families with other people.

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  • Paris Hilton and Benji Madden

    Since her BFF Nicole Richie dated (and married) Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, P. Hilt could not be upstaged. She dated his twin brother, tattooed guitarist Benji Madden, for a few months before it ended in 2008. They were an odd couple -- the heiress and the tattooed rocker, the rich girl and the rebel from the wrong side of the tracks. But it didn't last. She's had 600 boyfriends -- okay, maybe not quite that many -- since and has tried to be a DJ.

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  • Nick Lachey and Kim Kardashian

    We have Nick Lachey to thank for Kimmy K's pre-Ray J sex tape fame. They "dated" for a week in 2006 and the "relationship" caught fire in the media, since he had recently split from Jessica Simpson after their reality show made them superstars. Lachey claims that Kim called the paps to tip them off about their movie date, since people would be curious about his post-Simpson exploits. Kim's never looked back and Nick did say she used him to get famous. Mission: Accomplished. Ray J might concur.

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  • Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff

    Everyone remembers that Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan battled over a boy, but we can't always remember which boy it was. Or we think, 'Wait, who did Lilo battle for Aaron Carter's affections? Oh, right. It was Hil Duff.' This was before Duff dated Joel Madden, who went on to marry Nicole Richie, and before she married Mike Comrie and had Luca. While together, Duff and Carter were quite a golden couple. He was the bone of contention when he was younger, but girls are no longer fighting over him. Instead, Carter went on to fight NKOTB fans in Boston.

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  • Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera

    We always associate Ashlee Simpson with her baby daddy and ex, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. She even used his name professionally for a while, and they split after having son Bronx Mowgli. A. Simps did date pop singer Ryan Cabrera for a minute in 2004, before she married Wentz. This was the pre-nose job era, so we hardly remember it. They were so young -- check out that hair! Plus, her older sister Jessica was grabbing the lion's share of media attention for her dating exploits, so this pairing flew below the radar.

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