Future has reportedly dropped his countersuit against ex-fiancee Ciara after a judge awarded him joint custody of the former couple's son, also named Future.

Ciara initially brought a slander lawsuit against Future for $15 million back in February after the rapper publicly criticized Ciara’s parenting skills during a radio interview. Future then countersued her, but ultimately decided to drop the case as his main goal was to spend more time with his son, according to TMZ.

The site goes on to claim Future doesn't want to jeopardize his rights to his Future Jr., which is his main reason for withdrawing his countersuit.

Ciara — whose request for sole custody was denied by a California judge last month despite her assertions of neglect on Future's part — meanwhile, has no intentions of dropping her defamation suit against her ex.

In it, the “Body Part” singer alleges slander, citing several incidents where Future publicly denounced Ciara’s skills as a mother, including her decision to introduce their child to Ciara’s then-boyfriend (now-fiance) Russell Wilson. Ciara also references several subtweets Future posted about her including gems such as, "This bitch got control problems…I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future…the f—kery for 15k a month."

Ciara and Future broke up in August 2014, amid rumors of infidelity on Future's part. Ciara is currently engaged to Wilson, who plays as quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

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