Congratulations are in order for Ciara and Russell Wilson, who decided to enter into holy matrimony together after Wilson proposed to the "Body Party" singer earlier today (March 11).

“Following Paris Fashion week, Russell surprised Ciara with a surprise holiday,” said a rep to PEOPLE, really driving home the point that the entire thing was chock-full of “surprise.”

Wilson played a weird game we’ve never heard of, called “travel roulette,” giving Ciara a list of 30 possible places the pair might head to without actually telling her their ultimate destination. Surprise! Mystery! Romance! We wonder how she packed for this trip.

“She was shocked when they landed in the Seychelles at the exclusive resort North Island,” said her rep, though it could be argued Ciara should not have been too surprised if North Island was on the extensive list Wilson gave her.

“The biggest surprise was that Russell proposed to his new fiancee at the romantic private ‘Honeymoon Beach’ located on North Island,”  the source continued. PEOPLE also notes that the island is a hotspot for celebrity couples, as Prince William and Duchess Kate spent their honeymoon there, while couples Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Victoria and David Beckham have vacationed there in the past.

Wilson posted a video to Instagram today, which efficiently showed off Ciara’s enormous ring and also confirmed the engagement directly from the source.

Ciara also tweeted about the news, writing, "God Is Good! Grateful For You @DangRussWilson. You Are Heaven Sent. I'm Looking Forward To Spending Forever With You" and then "I feel complete."

The couple, who have been open with the press about abstaining from sex until marriage, have been dating since at least early 2015, when they appeared in public together for the first time at the White House State Dinner.

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