K-pop fans are keenly aware of their idols' every move, and often take it upon themselves to monitor their favorite artists' mental state. Sometimes, those superstars and their social media posts trigger concern. (For example, f(x) Amber's cryptic message she left on Instagram last week.)

BIGBANG's G-Dragon posted an Instagram yesterday (March 21) of what appears to be a movie scene with an English subtitle: "I want to hide in a place that makes me comfortable."

Whether related to G-Dragon's current thoughts or just some moody aesthetic to add to the 'Gram, fans immediately swarmed the comments section with messages of encouragement.

"I hope you are alright, Oppa!" wrote one. "Relax. Hope you have good time," suggested another. Others took the opportunity to relate: "Feel the same as you, wanna be a place where nobody knows me."

Hours later, G-Dragon posted a scenic view of the mountains with a tree emoji.

"Take some fresh air..clear all the stress.. Have fun and take care of urself too GD.." wrote one fan.

While BIGBANG is currently on hiatus, G-Dragon is planning on working on his solo activities in 2017. There were also those pesky whispers flying around about his dating 2NE1's Dara (followed by rumors of dating former f(x) member Sulli), although the idol reportedly laughed off those reports. Oh, and he also just teamed up with Nike for their 2017 Air Max Day campaign.

Stars: they get stressed out just like the rest of us. Check out G-Dragon's latest Instagram posts below.

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