As he gears up for the grand opening of his downtown Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places, Garth Brooks is seeing another big goal come together, too.

The Lower Broadway police substation financed by the country legend and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, is officially ready to open its doors. On Monday night (March 4), the Metro Nashville Police Department switched on the station's lights for the very first time.

"We try to ensure that we have enough officers down here to keep downtown safe," explains Chief of Police John Drake, who flipped the switch to light up the station's "POLICE" sign during the ceremony.

"And so we created an Entertainment District Unit, and it needed a place to be able to operate, a place they could call their own and not go to Central Precinct. They could have a substation that's all theirs," he continues.

"... It's a time when people are kinda pulling away. They can see, 'Hey, people here are invested in us and invested in the great work that our men and women are doing. And it's just an exciting time," Drake goes on to say. "It's a historical time to see this happen. I'm just so excited."

Brooks has been wanting to establish a police substation on downtown Broadway for quite a while now. He first expressed plans for the build in 2022, and by 2023, the substation was under construction.

Also under construction at the same time was Brooks' Friends in Low Places bar itself. The honky-tonk is due to officially open on March 7, though portions of it have been open to the public since last November. Friends in Low Places boasts four floors and nearly 55,000 square feet of fun, plus the largest LED screen on Broadway and a menu curated by Yearwood, who's also the host of the Food Network show Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Where Is Garth Brooks' Nashville Bar?

Brooks' Friends in Low Places bar and honky-tonk is located at 411 Broadway. Longtime Nashvillians or tourists who've visited often over the last 20 years will recall that address as the home to Paradise Park Trailer Park and Downtown Sporting Club.

Taste of Country was there to tour the first floor in November. A large, retractable stage is a centerpiece of the lower level, but it's also visible from the mezzanine/second floor. Multiple bars, ample seating and a dance floor set up the shotgun-style venue.

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Twin palm trees are visible from the stage, but the full tropical experience is upstairs, on the venue's fourth floor. The Oasis Rooftop is billed as the largest in what Brooks is calling the "neon neighborhood." An open-air patio and room with retractable garage doors create a different kind of environment than the honky-tonk.

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