The girls of GFriend are back, and they're frolicking in familiar territory yet again.

The precious six-piece K-Pop unit, which first debuted at the top of 2015, returned this summer with their fifth mini-album on August 1, entitled Parallel.

As opposed to the more high-energy retro synth blast of their last comeback with "Fingertip" earlier this year, their latest mini sees the girls returning to their innocent, lovey-dovey roots.

The gorgeously colored visual for shiny title track "Love Whisper" finds the troupe wandering outside for a nature-themed concept, sweetly cooing about love and fluttering hearts and dreams to the sound of upbeat horns and strings. (The puddle choreography is the best part, obviously.)

Standouts on the mini include the throbbing "Ave Maria" (which, frankly, should have been the album's title track), '80s-tinged celebration "Life Is a Party" and "Red Umbrella," all of which sparkle with an oh-so-GFriend brand of nostalgic charm.

Listen to Parallel below.

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