PopCrush's K-pop March Madness 2018 is a three-week competition to determine the Ultimate K-pop Supergroup, where fans can vote for The Leader, The Rapper, The Cute One, The Edgy One, The Dancer and The Pretty Boy/Girl.

When it comes to K-pop, every fan loves an aegyo display! Most girl groups and boy bands have an undeniably cute and sweet member, whether it's GFriend's Eunha or BIGBANG's Daesung. But which K-pop idol would be the ultimate cutie in your own dream supergroup?

Vote for which idol should be The Cute One in the Ultimate K-pop Supergroup, below, by choosing between BTS' J-Hope, EXO's Baekhyun,TWICE's Sana or BIGBANG's Daesung in Round 3, the final round!

Voting for Round 3, the final round, ends Sunday, April 1 at noon (EST).

Don't forget to...

The winning ultimate supergroup lineup will be announced Monday, April 2.

Join the conversation on social media! Use #PCMarchMadness on Twitter to discuss this year's competition.

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