Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life is less than 60 days away, as four new 90-minute movies will hit the streaming service at Nov. 25 at 12:01 AM (that's Pacific Time, FYI). But Netflix and GG's producers know fans are more impatient than a fidgety Lorelai demanding her morning cup of Luke's coffee, so they released a new Gilmore Girls featurette, titled "We're Back," online on Tuesday (October 4).

Like most show-teasing featurettes, there's lots of gushing from the cast about their past and present time on the show — and in this particular case, it's completely warranted. But in addition to refreshing us with footage from old episodes — including the wretched, post-Palladinos Season 7 — what did we learn? We've got a few questions. Well, really just one major question with a whole bunch of smaller, related queries.

Is Logan Huntzburger Steampunk Now?


What's with the gears brooch and the ascot? Does Logan still have a crippling addiction to Life and Death Brigade theme parties? Or has he gone back in time to un-propose to Rory, undoing one of Season 7's worst moves? And if he does have access to a time machine in some unexpected Gilmore Girls genre shift into sci-fi, can he also fix the timeline so Lane never has kids with Zack? And WHY IS HE IN FRONT OF STARS HOLLOW BOOKS? Did they just sit him there for the interview, or will he be there for Christmas?

Watch the Gilmore Girls featurette above, and feel free to share all your theories — Logan-related and otherwise — below.

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