The titular Gilmore Girls may have been small town celebrities in the Stars Hollow community, but Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, a.k.a. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, are officially magazine cover stars. The TV mother-daughter pair graces the front of Entertainment Weekly, in an issue hitting newsstands Friday (April 9).

The magazine caught up with the cast of Amy Sherman-Palladino's beloved series on the Warner Bros. lot. The gang spilled the beans on Lorelai and Luke's are-they/aren't-they relationship, Rory's career (a photo suggests she's a teacher now, but maybe she's on the Hillary Clinton campaign trail this time around?), those mythic "four final words," and Emily's life without Richard, played by the late Edward Hermann.

The cast, who are currently filming four 90-minute movies for Netflix, also dish on the experience of returning to Stars Hollow. The age-defying Graham, for one, is feeling more than simply nostalgic: "You know how you finish college and you’re a few years older and you’re like, ‘I wish I could go do this now ‘cause I would appreciate it so much more and understand it and get more out of it’? That’s the opportunity I have this with and I appreciate every day that I’m here."

"Bon Voyage," the final episode of the Gilmore Girls television series, aired nearly nine years ago (almost a decade!) back in May 2007. Hopefully these upcoming installments, as well as this issue of EW, will answer some of our other lingering questions: How many more babies did Sookie end up having with Jackson? Did Taylor continue his reign of terror on the citizens of Stars Hollow? Was Lane able to resurrect the music career she gave up? Is Paris (rightfully, frighteningly) ruling the world yet?

Grab a cup of coffee at Luke's — we've got a lot of ground to cover, Gilmores!

Then + Now: The Cast of Gilmore Girls