The fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, was, at one point, too small to host a stoplight, but Gilmore Girls nevertheless managed to draw the attention of millions, and at a reunion panel discussion at the ATX Festival on Saturday (June 6), show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino joined stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and more to talk eventual movie potential, the fate of Luke and Lorelai and whether it was Jess, Dean or Logan who'd rightfully earned Rory's heart.

The panel, which has since been posted to Entertainment Weekly, found Graham and Bledel, the actresses behind mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory, immediately reflecting on how they connected with the show's pilot script, and how novice actress Bledel had to learn to tackle Palladino's signature walk-and-talk scenes on the fly.

"Because it was my first scene, we did many takes," Bledel recalled.

"Part of the, like, 'Wow, they have instant chemistry!' is, like, I was literally mauling her all the time." Graham added, who said she'd often have to yank Bledel to reach certain marks or allow for certain camera angles.

Still, Bledel, like Rory, eventual came into her own, and when discussion moved to the topic of which of Rory's three love interests was best suited for the bookworm, votes were cast for Dean and Jess, but Logan was left out of the equation.

"Logan was a d---," Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jess, said bluntly. "He kind of was a d---."

"I think I have the final word on this: None of you are good enough for Rory," Scott Patterson, who played protective diner-owner Luke, concluded.

And though the fate of Luke and Lorelai—who'd left things on uncertain terms on the show's finale—remains up in the air, Patterson has his theories.

"[One scenario is] he closed [the diner] down and moved to a lake," the actor shared. "He reopened Luke's diner, and it's a bait and tackle shop, and he sells camping gear as well. He fly fishes in the nice weather."

"Does he have a girlfriend?" Graham interjected to applause from the audience.

"Lorelai is coming out for a fishing lesson...that's just what popped into my head," he answered.

And though Palladino insisted there's no nostalgic follow-up project in the works, she said she'd be as eager as fans to make it happen, as long as the stars aligned.

"Here's the good thing: Nobody here hates each other," she said. "It would have to be the right everything—the right format, the right would have to be honored in a certain way. If it ever came around, I think we would all jump in and do it."

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