If you, like many other Gilmore Girls fans, find that Emily Gilmore is a dish best served cold, fear not — she won't have warmed much when the show returns as a Netflix miniseries this fall.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a four-part event, premieres on the streaming service on November 25, but it will proceed without the family's patriarch, Richard (Edward Hermann, the actor behind the character, died in December 2014 of cancer). Emily won't have suddenly become friendly as consequence of her husband's loss, and actors Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel — who play Emily's daughter Lorelai and granddaughter Rory, respectively — tell People that they wouldn't have it any other way.

"I was excited to do all the scenes that included Kelly Bishop," Bledel says. "She puts our characters on edge."

"Walking back into the Gilmore house made me feel like, 'I'm at home. I have to behave. Sit up straight!'" Graham adds.

Still, none of this is to say the Ladies Gilmore won't have each other's backs when the story continues.

"The characters are older now and really are just supporting each other, which I think is a natural progression for a mother and daughter," Graham says.

And support is the only way they'll get through Richard's death, which Bledel and Graham maintain will, indeed, shift the show's dynamic.

"[Hermann's] death was just a loss for us personally," Graham says. "It's given the show a new complexity and depth. It's a nice tribute to him."

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