In 2016, Girl Meets World couple Cory and Topanga are as solid as a rock, but on a special two-part episode airing later this month, they'll have to revisit a high school affair that nearly split them up for good.

The series, which picks up where Boy Meets World left off after its 2000 finale, will air a two-part episode called "Girl Meets Ski Lodge" that will air on July 22 and July 29 on Disney, according to E! NewsCory, now a history teacher at his daughter Riley's school, prepares his class for a looming mountain getaway — and his own return to the dreaded Mount Sun Lodge — in the sneak peek above.

"The ski lodge was almost the end of Cory and Topanga, America's sweethearts, and now I know something's going to happen there for you, so I'm preparing ya. For nature," he lectures.

In "Heartbreak Cory," a Season 5 episode of Boy Meets World that aired in 1998, Cory and his classmates traveled up to the mountains for a ski trip, but Cory busted his leg en route and was forced to stay off the slopes. Instead, while resting, he got to know an employee of the lodge, Lauren, who eventually confessed her feelings for him and kissed him (girl...). This amounted to a sad and pretty lengthy breakup between Cory and his beloved Topanga, who rightfully dumped Cory's ass until he wised up and copped to his mistake.

Share your thoughts on the revisit to Mount Sun Lodge, and tell us if you'll be tuning in.

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