As 'Glee' stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele gear up to kick off Season 3, they're beginning to spill more and more about what we can expect this fall ... Or at least, what they wish would happen (or wouldn't, in Lea's case).

DigitalSpy caught up with the sassy pair, who seemed amped to chat about the tri-season run of the hit FOX show. Both Lea and Chris admitted that they feel like the pressure is on to make their performances bigger and better this go-round, especially in the absence of the A-list guest stars from Season 2.

On the other hand, Lea says that if Ryan Murphy were to present her known idol, Barbra Streisand, with a script, the star, who plays Rachel, wouldn't be terribly thrilled. She said, "I don't [want her to come on]. Idols should be kept as idols. Not that I think she would ever disappoint me -- I'm sure if she came she would blow me away and be everything that I've ever imagined. But I think that keeping idols as idols is important. And I don't think that everybody needs to be on 'Glee'!"

"I definitely think that there are people that fit the bill of what it means to be on the show," Lea continued. "She obviously is one of them, but you'd have to write the storyline that Rachel has gone mute for a week which we all know is not possible! You'd just have to wheel me in and wheel me out! So that would just be weird and I don't think that that would work."

Kurt, on the other hand, would be "over the moon" to bring some new celebrity, perhaps royal, faces to the screen -- like new princess Kate Middleton. "I would love Kate Middleton to be in Glee. Wouldn't that be fantastic?" he asked, before answering the question himself. "That would be great."

He added, "All she'd have to do would be just stand there. That's it. That's all she needs to do. I think I've just decided that Kurt loves Kate Middleton. I love Kate Middleton, so Kurt loves Kate Middleton." To which Lea responded, "There you go! That's how Barbra Streisand happened. Lea loved Barbra, then Rachel loved her. It's going to happen for you, I know it!"

As the inevitable creeps in, and gleeks become more and more depressed about the fact that some of the show's stars are headed for graduation, Lea shared what she'd like to see happen for their characters long-term. Again, she has it all thought out. "I definitely think they should go to college in a big city, I think like NYU. I can see Rachel going to like the [musical theatre training] CAP21 program and studying like intense theater," she said.

"She's smart, she is very smart. She does very well at school. I got into NYU, so she definitely could get in! I don't know how that happened," Lea continued as she plotted out Rachel's future. "Then I definitely think that they would get a teeny tiny studio apartment, probably the size of this room, and go on like open calls and look through Backstage magazine to try and find auditions."

But what would that mean for Finn? Lea said that Rachel is "pretty staunch on what she wants to do and where she's going." She confessed, "I don't think she's going to change her mind and I think the question will be whether or not he joins her. I think that's going to be the big season three surprise."

'Glee' Season 3 starts with the premiere episode 'The Purple Piano Project' on Sept. 20, only on FOX.