Following last week's school shooting-themed episode, which drew criticism for being too soon after the Newtown/Sandy Hook tragedy, 'Glee' is back with an all-new ep, dubbed 'Sweet Dreams,' set to air Thursday, April 18 on Fox. It's packed with some killer songs, including an oldie but goodie that Gleeks have seen and heard the cast perform before.

During 'Sweet Dreams,' the New Directions learn that the theme for this year's Regionals is 'Dreams,' so, of course, everyone has passionate opinions about what songs they should sing.

Back in New York, Rachel's audition for the Broadway revival of 'Funny Girl' is finally here. With no NYC action on last week's heavy-hearted ep, this should be a special rendition, especially since Lea Michele is constantly compared to Barbra Streisand, best known as the 'Funny Girl.'

Also, this is not the first time that Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' has been performed on the show. The first time was incredibly special, and it is bound to be just as memorable on 'Sweet Dreams.'

Guest stars include NeNe Leakes of 'The New Normal' and 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' fame, as well as Broadway star Idina Menzel, reprising a recurring role she's had throughout the series.

'Glee' 'Sweet Dreams' Songs – Full Episode List

-'Next to Me,' Rachel & Shelby (Emeli Sande)
-'Fight for Your Right (To Party),' Finn & Puck (Beastie Boys)
-'You Have More Friends Than You Know,' Marley, Blaine, Unique, Sam
-'Outcast,' Marley, Unique, Jake and Ryder
-'Don't Stop Believin',' Rachel & The Original New Directions (Journey)

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