On Tuesday's (June 7) episode of the hit NBC show America's Got Talent, 12-year-old contestant Grace VanderWaal floored the judging panel and audience alike with a surprisingly spirited audition of her original tune titled "I Don't Know My Name." With her folksy, Sia-esque vocals, the precocious performer struck a chord with the judges — particularly Howie Mandel, who called her and "living, beautiful, walking miracle" and ultimately hit the golden buzzer for her.

But the praise was far from over, with the notoriously hard-to-impress Simon Cowell lauding Grace, "I think you are the next Taylor Swift."

After the young New York-based songwriter-musician was whisked offstage, the AGT judge continued gushing: "What a great girl, with a great personality. I 100% think we've got a star. I really do... This girl is special. I'm now annoyed I didn't press the golden button!"t

When I was 12, I spent most of my free time complaining on LiveJournal and endlessly roaming the local mall (with a focus on loitering outside of Hot Topic) with my friends after school. Unlike Grace, I sure wasn't spending my time writing original songs, learning how to play ukulele or competing on nationally broadcast talent competitions. And maybe that's why Simon Cowell has never personally called me the "next Taylor Swift."

Watch the magical moment below:

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